Build Sass in Sublime text 3

  • Install Ruby (nho chọn tuy chon add to PATH variable)
  • restart computer
  • go lenh: gem install sass de cài sass
  • Neu compile bang ruby thi run: sass –watch style.scss:style.css (nho cd vao path sass folder)
  • Cai Libsassbuild
  • Tools-> Libsassbuild -> edit project config:
    •    Pass text:{
      “output”: {
      “dir”: “../../assets/css/”,
      “structure”: “flat”
      “compile”: {
      “line-comments”: false,
      “line-numbers”: true,
      “style”: “nested”
    • Save as lai nhu hinh:
    • untitled
  • Muon build tu dong khi save thi can them plugin: SublimeOnSaveBuild


Mac dinh khi sua file partial(file duoc imported) => Build => se sinh ra file partial css tuong ung. Muon ngan chan cai nay thi


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